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Thomas Gläser is a passionate product leader who has more than 10 years experience in building successful digital products. He’s currently working as a Product Director at
XING Events taking care of a team of Product Managers and a portfolio of three
products from the Event Market to Groups and the EventManager. Previously he was
working at the intersection of design, business and technology for well-known
companies like BMW, Mozilla, Arduino and local startups. Thomas is particularly
passionate about helping teams to build better products and executives, to build the
right system to support that.
He co-founded popular events like push.conference and the UX & Product Meetup in Munich, which unite the local community with global experts in the field. Thomas loves to share his wide-ranging knowledge as a founder, consultant and manager in articles, keynotes and workshops for many years already. In his opinion technology is just a tool to make people happy

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Vortrag Tracking Lean Experiments

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