The conference for agile product development

Working Products: Because agile product development requires talking with each other.

15. - 16. September 2022

Once again live and in real at the Goldbekhaus in Hamburg:-)

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What is the Working Products conference?

"Working Products" is the conference all about agile product development - for product managers and everyone who is responsible for the development and support of digital products and services. If you want to work more successfully in a team and develop better products together, "Working Products" is the right place for you.

Working products

Why does the conference exist?

All services and products are becoming increasingly digital. This affects all companies, from startups to DAX-listed corporations. The development of innovative and successful digital services and products is extremely complex, has to be done very quickly and requires maximum customer and user focus.

This requires a product and customer culture in the company, new forms of organization and collaboration, and the appropriate methods and processes. Mindfulness and mindful leadership are also becoming increasingly important.

Everyone is practicing this right now. Some companies are already very far along in this respect, while the vast rest are trying to catch up and learn from the pioneers. There is still a lot of potential for improvement, especially in the day-to-day work of product managers.

We want to support this joint learning process with the Working Products Conference.

This is how the two conference days run

The "Working Products" is different from other conferences.

"Working Products" is the conference for agile working as it was originally intended: free of hierarchical structures, no lecturing from above, no show. Agile working culture as it should be. At "Working Products", people with the same interests and topics come together. Experienced and committed speakers who have something to say as well as interested and motivated participants who make a difference. By spreading the presentations over 2 days and the moderated workshops and sessions, "Working Products" promotes exchange among like-minded people.
Without fear of contact, close and at eye level. Familiar and professional at the same time. As always, the supporting program includes meditation and mindfulness exercises, yoga and embodiment. We also offer professional childcare, canoe tours and standup paddling on the canal in front of the Goldbekhaus.
As usual, the vegan-vegetarian catering will be provided by the wonderful Produktionsschule Altona.

News on the program / Call for papers

We will probably have 16 talks around product management, corporate culture, agile working and mindfulness. In addition, there will be various workshops and an open space on Thursday. There will certainly be a lot of exchange between participants and presenters. The call for papers is currently open. Please feel free to submit proposals for presentations and workshops.

"The special thing about the Working Products: In the end, everyone actually talked to everyone else for a longer time." (Rolf Schulte Strathaus)

Looking back: Working Products 2021

Die digitale Feedback-Wall

Completely online - completely ingenious

Like 2020 online again, this time in a different platform for more exchange among each other.
Spread over 4 days to spare eyes and attention. We are happy as we could keep the special character of the Working Products Conference digitally in 2021.

It was a great four days. The special character of Working Products also works remotely: Familiar, intensive exchange of experiences between all participants. In 2021, everyone will probably have spoken to every other participant at some point.

Images from the Working Products conference 2021

Looking back: Working Products 2019

Working products 2019 - Highlights

Two days of bright sunshine made Working Products 2019 an open-air event. Only the 12 presentations were indoors, everything else took place outdoors. For this, the Goldbekhaus was the perfect place. Especially, of course, with the canoes and archery.

The complete review of Working Products 2019
Tweets about the #wpkonf

The organizers of the Working Products Conference

User Research with love

Our focus is on user-centered product discovery, user research and UX testing. Our drive: create perfect products - in a team and always with the user in focus. And that's exactly why we host the Working Products Conference every year.
Our interest: We bring customer and user understanding to product teams - permanently and sustainably.

Mindfulness training and coaching for (agile) teams

Arbeitsfrische aims to make the world of work better. We combine experience with self-organization with coaching, mindfulness, yoga and embodiment, because we believe that long-term and sustainable change starts with each individual. New forms of collaboration also need a new mindset in each individual. The basics (empathy, listening, trust) need to be learned (again). If I practice mindfulness with myself and I train mindful interaction in the team, I can work successfully, healthy and satisfied in the long run.

Mindfulness as the basis for change

  • Without empathy I cannot understand others.
  • Without understanding there is no trust
  • Without trust no cooperation

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