Program 2022

Call for Papers

We expect to have 16 presentations and 5-10 workshops in the program. Currently the Call for Papers is running.

We are very excited that the Working Products Conference 2022 will again take place live at Goldbekhaus! (Unless COVID-19 throws a spanner in the works again...).
The exchange of ideas and the cooperation work better when you face each other or have a coffee together.

Schedule for the two days

On both days, the presentations will take place in two tracks in the morning. After each presentation there will be a Speakers' Corner for direct exchange with the speakers. Additional presentations are scheduled for Friday afternoon.
On Thursday afternoon the open sessions are planned, where you can work together on your topics.
On Friday afternoon the workshops will take place parallel to the lectures. Depending on how many workshops we can offer, there may also be workshops in the mornings.

Working Products 2016-2021: All talks and workshops

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