Interested in sponsoring the Working Products conference 2023?

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You can be a Sponsor of the Working Products Conference in June and

  • Showcase your products and services
  • Become better known in the product community
  • Engage in conversation with potential new employees.

For more information on Working Products 2023, visit

Due to the two-day format and the very open atmosphere, we can imagine a variety of sponsorship formats. Basically, there will be two types of sponsorship: Silver and Gold

Silver sponsor: Purely virtual

You will appear as a sponsor on the website, all marketing materials and on all information material at the conference. In addition, you can publish a contribution in the community portal
Cost: 1.500 Euro

Gold Sponsor: Attend live there with a booth

You will be present at the conference with an expo booth on both days. You can also offer a workshop. In addition, of course, all the benefits of silver sponsorship.
Cost: 3.500 Euro

Of course we are open for other ideas and formats. Maybe you would like to bring a barista to the conference or be the name giver for one of the two lecture rooms?

Just fill out the form. If you have any questions in advance, we can also talk in person: Book appointment

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